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Here at the Computer Family, we understand that you can’t monitor your children 24/7, and controlling what your child is exposed to online can be a very difficult thing. This is where we can help; as we have families of our own, we understand how difficult it is to protect our children online and to monitor what they are accessing.

As our kids grow up, and technology advances, computers are being used more than ever for both homework and entertainment. There is a wealth of useful knowledge out there to help us to learn and connect with the world. The main problem parents face is protecting children from sites and people we do not want them to come into contact with. It’s easy to innocently use a search engine, and to discover something quite different to what you intended. This is why we set up parental controls: not just to protect the PC from viruses and other threats, but to prevent inappropriate material from being viewed by our children.

Contact us at the Computer Family, to find out how we can help you to ensure the online safety of your children.

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