Safer Internet Day – 5 February 2013

5 February is  Safer Internet Day – Help keep your kids safe online and Connect with Respect.

Visit UK Safer Internet Centre to see how you can get involved – like other schools and organisations.

This website is a great esafety resource – for both parents and professionals alike.

It includes tips, advice, quizzes and games to help teachers, carers, parents and young people themselves stay safe online.

Safer Internet Day is an annual day dedicated to promoting online safety.  In its 10th year, it is also being supported by Disney who is donating £3 million over the next three years to help promote the importance of keeping safe online through its channels and website.

With young people using online media more than ever before, it’s never been more important to reinforce the message of staying safe online.

Whether we are gaming, chatting or sharing online,  some simple rules can help us to stay safe:

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Be a good online friend – as you would if you were face to face
  • Report any online bullying or if you think someone might be in trouble
  • Always check before sharing personal information, photos or videos
For more on organisations supporting Safer Internet Day, see

Have fun and happy safe surfing!