Protecting kids online when using android tablets and other devices

xmas technologyChristmas is coming, and as usual, many of us will wake up with the same thought on our minds.. ‘has Santa been?’ swiftly followed by ‘who’s peeling the sprouts?’ but this year I fear we may do better to ask ‘who’s protecting our kids online?’.

This occurs to me as it becomes clear as a Mum to a 7 year old, that this year’s hot, ‘must have’ items in our Santa letters include several new gadgets namely… android tablets, smartphones, laptops, Kindles and gaming devices among others….

I know that my daughter would love a tablet for gaming, having tried it on our smartphones. What I want to be sure of, is that when she is using any device online, she is safe from unwelcome content, online strangers and also not going to run up a huge bill for downloading chargeable content. So, as this is relatively new technology to me…I want to ask the experts at Computer Family how I can set up some protection on these sorts of devices before she gets her hands on one!


Hi Lisa, the latest technology is brilliant for kids and adults alike, but you are right, we have to be careful when giving children access to any online device.

At Christmas children will be expecting the latest and greatest gadget for playing music, video, games and surfing the web. These can all be accomplished with the versatile tablet.

Tablets for Kids

But as with the original meaning of ‘tablet’, these should only be given after carefully understanding the health warnings.

Unfortunately, the safe way to administer these 21st century gadgets to our kids is not clearly plastered all over the packaging, you have to delve a little deeper to understand how.

There are some simple approaches to protecting kids online, while at the same time letting your child embrace this wonderful technology.

Each of the popular devices out there has built in features and also software add-ons.

None of these is fool-proof, and depending on the age of the child, I would not leave them with internet access unaccompanied.

Not only are there damaging images, videos and text that could scar and remove the innocence of your child but also the risk of costing you lots of money.

It can be very easy for your child to buy services/games/music if you have set up your account on the device from a previous purchase.

Starting with the android tablet, I would like to introduce you to both the built-in features as well as the add-on software that is available, to help keep your families safe online.