Parents Guide to the Internet – how to keep kids safe online?

A video guide to Online Parenting from CEOP’s thinkuknow – with great tips on how to keep kids safe online

This ‘easy to watch’ video discusses ways to keep kids of all ages safe online and is both entertaining and informative.

It covers the key issues facing today’s families who are getting to grips with ‘online parenting’ such as:

  • how to get involved and engage with your child’s online world
  • what to be aware of to keep content to an age appropriate level
  • online gaming, music, movies and meeting people online
  • limiting social media site access e.g.  to family, close friends or school groups etc.
  • how to adapt access to the internet to grow with your family as they grow
  • tips on safe use of the internet via laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones and gaming devices
  • what you can do if you have any concerns about cyberbullying or other online content that your child has been exposed to.

This video comes from CEOP’s thinkuknow programme, where you can find more resources to help keep your children safe online.