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Hi – I’m a working Mum of one, and am being dragged into 21st century (technology-wise!) by my 7 year old daughter… and my work of course!  I was already looking for ways to keep my family safe online, our gadgets running smoothly via wi-fi and our data secure, before the past week which saw my house get broken into and my laptop go up in smoke…

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, my homework involved reading, reciting times tables and learning my spellings…pencil, paper, book – job done. Technology was a luxury item for entertaining us (Space Invaders or the Spectrum only after our homework was done…!)

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of family life – not just for entertainment – but as a necessary tool to get our jobs and homework done.

Most weeks my daughter has homework to ‘…do a Google search to research this topic….’; independent learning and IT skills are part of the curriculum even at primary school.

And once her homework is done, she may want to watch a film on netflix, play a game on the Wii or my android phone… gone are the days of choosing one of three TV channels.

So, it seems most households now have at least one PC, and with the advent of smartphones, laptops and tablets, there are more and more ways to access the internet from gadgets in our homes.

So, the question this raises for us as parents is how can we protect our children online when they are exploring the worldwide web….?  Technology may have simplified some everyday tasks, but the art of keeping our families safe is made all the more challenging in this multimedia age.

Fortunately for me, I am working with the Computer Family – where Chris & the team are helping to keep my gadgets working, my family safe and our photos and data secure from cyber threats of all sorts. It’s a jungle out there – but with their know-how and support we will have peace of mind that we will be safe online.