Top 5 Windows Shortcut Keys

Hi and welcome to the Computer Family’s top 5 windows shortcut keys

  • 1. Windows key + L – Our favourite shortcut out of them all and it’s great for
    business users and home users. What does it do? Well it locks your desktop
    stopping anyone just coming on straight onto your PC. It’s nice and easy instead
    of ctrl + alt + delete then clicking on lock computer.
  • 2. Ctrl + C – This is the nice and easy way to copy what you’ve highlighted, instead
    of having to right click then click copy just highlight what you want then press
    Ctrl + C to copy what you want.
  • 3. Ctrl + V – And where would Ctrl + C be without Ctrl + V as you probably guessed
    by now it’s the paste function again saving you from having to right click then
    click paste just click where you want it to go then press Ctrl + V.
  • 4. Windows key + M – This is a great little shortcut if you have a lot of documents
    open and want to go straight to your desktop, windows + M simple minimises
    everything to your task bar.
  • 5. Alt + F4 – Alt + F4? Simply closes the application you have open currently, but
    don’t worry if you haven’t saved your document yet it still prompts you if you
    want to save. This is just a nice and fast way to close applications down.

Remember there are plenty more shortcut keys in windows to use and speed up your
use on the computer.
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